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2022 Kisses Pink Chenin Blanc

2022 Kisses Pink Chenin Blanc
Organically Grown

This wine was such a hit the first time around that a repeat performance was inevitable! We decided to shake things up a bit, substituting Viognier with 2022 Chenin Blanc and performing a Re-Pass-Over with the freshly pressed 2023 Carignan skins.

This technique hails from the Veneto region, where the term "Ripasso" sounds and indeed means "repassed." It refers to a production process where regular, fermented Valpolicella (red wine) is introduced to a cask containing the skins and lees remaining from recently fermented Amarone wines. The act of adding (or "repassing") the lighter Valpolicella wine over the remnants of the "bigger" Amarone wine imparts additional color, texture, and flavor to the Valpolicella wine.

We have a way with quirky descriptors when it comes to our wines, and we fully embrace it. Trust in the process and approach with an open mind. Kisses offers aromas of fresh-cut blood orange, tennis balls, and sheep's wool on the nose, leading into a palate that bursts with flavors of watermelon jelly beans and sour straps. Yes, seriously! While maintaining the traditional medium-bodied weight of Chenin, the ripasso technique introduces a hint of bitterness from skin contact, enhancing every element in the glass, accompanied by golden apple, tangerine, and gingerbread. For me I picture this wine in vintage denim, a Ramones t-shirt, and Doc Martens—all coming together to create one heck of a Pick Chenin!

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Wine Specs
Mendocino County
Harvest Date
September 2022
Bottling Date
February 2024
Residual Sugar
Alcohol %