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2021 My Muse Amphora Syrah

2021 My Muse Amphora Syrah
Organically Grown & Amphora Aged

At Guthrie, our discourse often revolves around the timeless debate of old world versus new world wines. It's a symphony of technological advances and daring experimentation versus the hallowed traditions and storied history of winemaking. The question persists: which path is superior, and can one truly be better than the other? Well, we believe the answer lies within the glass. Allow me to introduce "My Muse," an homage to the old-world charm of Cornas wines, reimagined with the vibrant, fruit-forward spirit of California's terroir.

With the unveiling of this inaugural release, we proudly proclaim that our Amphor aging program has lent sinew and grace to our creation. The mineral-rich embrace of the clay vessels bestows a earthiness and a stony foundation upon our beloved Syrah, while deftly sidestepping the cloying, sweet baking spices that newer oak can so often impart. Here, we uncover crushed rock and the gentle caress of seafoam, entwined with the very essence of the earth, all without the intrusion of brown sugar, coconut, or caramel notes.

At first sniff, your senses are greeted by the heady aroma of rosemary crushed upon wet stone, an olfactory prelude to a stroll through freshly picked blackberry bushes. As this elixir of the gods dances upon your palate, it exhibits a paradoxical lightness, tethered to your senses with a gravity that belies its weightlessness. Is black a flavor? If so, then this wine embodies it, a dark symphony that harmonizes seamlessly with the notes of salted coffee and the vitality of fresh currents. When you amalgamate these luscious, ripe fruits with the savory, almost briny essence inherently found in old world reds, you find yourself holding something truly extraordinary—a composition worth writing home about.

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