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2021 Galaxy Carbonic Carignan

2021 Galaxy Carbonic Carignan
Organically Grown


Something’s different, but what could it be? You turn the bottle over in your hands, you scour the label. What could it be? Ah, yes! She’s NAKED! She’s emancipated! She has shed her amber glass container for clarity and her beautiful redness is on display for all to see!

Alright we know it’s just glass but new things are exciting. Besides switching to a clear bottle, we’ve made some other big changes with the Galaxy Carignan as well. This fruit hails from a new site for us, Dogali Vineyard on the lesser known Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peak AVA. We happened upon this fruit as we wound our way up and down the hills above Cloverdale on the northern end of Sonoma County - heck it’s one of the highest grape growing regions in California! The Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peak Appellation has dramatic rocky volcanic soils, steep hillsides and ancient alluvial fans. What more could you want? At around 2000 ft, this AVA lives above the fog line and gets 3-4 more hours per day than it’s valley floor neighbors. 

If wines were people, they’d have some pretty big personalities. Some would help you move furniture, while others would read your texts when you’re in the shower. This wholesome little angel has a smile for everyone and stays late to help you do dishes after the party. It WANTS to be liked. It’s EASY to like. Fermenting and aging in stainless steel tanks helps us to preserve the natural carbonic-y carignan-y-ness. 

We love the lightness and litheness of this bottle. While still packing a flavor punch, it’s easy on the pallet and easy on the eyes. Heck you could scroll your insta feed through your glass it’s so translucent! A perfect mix of sweet and bitter shows off summer cherries, toasted poppy seeds, and strawberry agua fresca. Nomnomnomnomnom.

Always (and only) minimal Sulfites added.

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Wine Specs
Mendocino County
Vineyard Designation
Dogali Vineyard
Harvest Date
September 2021
5.4 g/L
4 months
Bottling Date
February 2022
Residual Sugar
Alcohol %